Sunday, 5 October 2008

Finders losers

I guess I've gotten used to the room. And I was just about getting used to the new people. But end of the week signals the end of a course. Seeing how there was a bunch of courses running at the same time over the last week, and how the world of seismic tends to be the small kind, you always end up meeting several faces you either already know, or names you've heard over and over again. Right, so as I said, I was getting used to all that. And now that's over :|. Then again, there's yet another course next week... This is beginning to feel like a bit of a bad idea, trying to get through the whole lot in one go :-<.
-- A lingering wispy thread of stale smoke hangs in the air, amidst the almost tangible fumes of last night's alcohol. Memories slowly unravel themselves from the woozy hurting knot somewhere behind the eyes. As if to mock you, the morning is bright, all clear blue skies and crispy fall colours. By early afternoon it's all back to sodden dead leaves on the side walk, low lying clouds stretching from horizon to horizon, pouring rain.

The new Coldplay album is unfortunate. As a matter of fact, I was getting that vibe from the start, so I took my own sweet time to get around to it. But doesn't sound like the ageing, so to speak, has done any good either. Maybe if you leave it in a deep dark pit for about a million years.... It is distressing to see the mighty fall.

Currently: glad that the sun seems to be back up
Listening to: Eels - It's a motherfucker


Anonymous said...

The last time I took 2 courses in one go, I was completely knackered at the end... :<

kray said...

:) imagine doing 3 in a row :-<