Thursday, 9 October 2008

Running to stand still

Shit has a way of recycling itself. And I'm getting better at typing (without looking at the keyboard that is :D). So while I've been busy trying to figure out how not to be suicidal, my laptop decided to throw some tantrums again.

This time, the motherboard lasted a good two years before some sort of power circuitry breathed its last, and the darned thing refused to detect AC power :|. Consequently, while it was running fine on the battery, it refused to charge, so sooner or later it was going to die. For good measure, the stupid thing kept insisting that it would last upwards of 3,000 hours on battery :|.

Long story short, after bitching high and low for a bit I'm currently the custodian of a second hand job that my hard disk has been transplanted into. Said job being so ancient that my already quite old lappy seems like a bloody supercomputer in comparison :-<. And just to make things interesting, it's got a Norwegian keyboard. Took me a while to realise that it had come mapped to a regular keyboard. Turns out I can finally type most things without actually looking at the keyboard, so I just left it at that.

In the mean time I'm getting horrifying flashbacks of my first standard in school during the days at the course :((. Just so you know that was like my worst year at school. Out of the entire 13 years!! There were times when I seriously thought the bloody thing would never be over!! That I'd grow old and feeble and still have my class teacher screeching at me to 'paaaay attttentionnnnn'!!! [shudder]

Right. So in the mean time, the good thing I did was to finally start off on High Fidelity. And I like it already :). Have I mentioned this? Turns out I'm not actually going back to Australia at all!! Crew change next week will be in Singapore, in the midst of dry-dock. And then we sail for Africa! Not as cool as that might sound, but I'll just let the supposed coolness rest in peace on this sphere for a bit before I have to puncture it with the horrors of real experiences....

Feeling: mildly deranged
Listening to: David Gray - This year's love

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