Wednesday, 3 December 2008


I wish they'd invent (discover?) teleportation sometime soon :-<. Strictly as a substitute for air-travel.

These days I'm beginning to get the feeling I end up going sort of immune to the rest of the world for the entire time. Seems to be the only way I can deal with it any more :(. It's kinda like shutting yourself out of your life for a bit. Only, the rate at which I seem to be doing it, the 'bit' seems to keep growing, faster and faster, gobbling up whole days, weeks and possibly even months!

How long before I lose a whole year to the demon of a shrinking world?

Currently: in a daze :-<
Listening to: OneRepublic - Stop and stare


Roman said...

Yo Kray, Long time. How have you been?

kray said...

:) yes, it has been... I've been.. well, travelling, mostly :P