Friday, 16 January 2009

Of fires and frying pans

There is no doubt about the fact that by now I am more than ready to get off the boat, and this being crew change day, I'm practically dying to get out of here, and consequently, should be hopping with joy. (It has not been a particularly easy trip, for a fairly wide variety of reasons, which one shall not go into here and now.) Unfortunately, things are not quite as simple as that.

Given that I might have to go out in the boat and ferry people around shortly, probably right up to the moment I need to get back and board that chopper, time is at a premium. So all the details of why I am severely apprehensive of this crew change will not be forthcoming at this moment. Except of course, for the gist of the matter: that I am in fact severely apprehensive of this crew change :|.

Assorted possibilities: a long and painful wait in Luanda, arrest in Gatwick due to illegal immigration, loss of baggage at various locations including, but not limited to, Luanda, Gatwick and Schiphol, death out of boredom at Gatwick airport over an excruciating 10 hour period, severe frostbite at Oslo or Asker around midnight tomorrow night, freezing to death in Asker because of the unavailability of a place to sleep in that night and/or the unavailability of my jacket.

Double Frick!

Currently: apprehensive!
Listening to: Eels - Your lucky day in hell


Anu said...

Hehe, ok, I know I shouldn't laugh, but the last para is chuckle-worthy! Which is some kind of weird compliment, honest!
Just so you know, I did 8 hours in Dubai airport a few days ago. And survived. So, I empathise.
Death by boredom is often alleviated by wifi. Does Gatwick have any, though? Else, I recommend a deep snooze.

kray said...

:D, well, thank you...?.. :P

okay so I ended up sleeping very comfortably at the Sofitel (see later post) hence the time pretty much flew by, I suppose :D and no, no free Wi-Fi in Gatwick or Schiphol. I miss the nice Asian airports :-<