Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Point and counterpoint

As I was telling someone the other day, no wait, it was earlier today! Anyway, as I was saying, if I were to quit this job, it'll be because of the whole moving all the time thing. It's seriously getting on my nerves!! I mean, I don't even mind it if the place isn't exactly the bomb, just leave me be!!! But, as it turns out, this particular bit of travelling has gone quite nicely so far.
So I'm in Bergen now. Never been here before, but managed to rope in a sea-survival course, so here I am. The weather's really nice, so the first look at the city was pretty awesome. Of course, it helped that I had an awesome tour guide :). Looking forward to the weekend I'm planning to spend here. Not so much the next couple of days, that I will probably spend soaked in really cold water, making sure I'm still 'sea-worthy', so to speak :|.

Currently: really tired, and don't see the point of unpacking for 2 nights, without even a cupboard in sight :-<
Listening to: Massive Attack - Antistar

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