Thursday, 10 September 2009

Good news first, or bad?

I thought getting a visa for Angola was a pain :|. I won't go so far as to say Colombia's that bad yet, but it's climbing the charts...

So I got the passport, (hold your breath...) and no mistakes this time!!!! :D :D The names, the address, the dates, everything as it should be!! Oh, but they've stopped issuing 'jumbo' passports from here, so I'm probably looking at another attempt at this feat in roughly two years :(.

Just to put this in perspective, it's become such a regular thing, errors in details on new passports issued from RPO Kolkata, that hardly anyone bats an eyelid. They just direct the affected party to the waiting official, whose only purpose possibly is to rectify errors as 'observations', eroding pages off your booklet even before you've started using it.

But I had to deal with none of that. Unfortunately, sending off the Colombia application to Bogota may not have worked. So I now need to go to New Delhi and get it done in person from the Colombian Embassy there :|. Most likely, I'll get to meet my two kid cousins living in Noida, so it's not all bad. Still, lack of consistent communication and a rather flaky net connection do make life a little harder than is necessary.

The big question now is, when on earth am I actually going to make it into Cartagena?!!

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