Thursday, 17 September 2009

Overcast, with significant possibility of downpours :(

So I did get the Colombian visa, but not without some undue drama. Well, not that some drama wasn't expected, it's just that the rather forgetful old lady in the Embassy definitely added a degree of confusion to the complications :|.

But despite all that, I managed to make the designated flight out of Delhi, and thus, ended up with this, my longest stop-over ever, all of about 28 hours :). Unfortunately, although the place is Madrid, one I've never been to before, the weather's absolutely awful!! :( Cold, raining, dark clouds imparting a rather gloomy atmosphere to everything.

Hopefully I'll manage a trip into town tomorrow morning. Assuming the weather cooperates that is. Doesn't look good so far :(. As much as I'd like to have a look around, I'm not planning on getting wet. I'm miserable enough as it is at the prospect of having to head back to work :|.

Oh well, the one decent thing so far this trip is the X-mini II I spotted in Frankfurt airport, and promptly bought :). Perfect for the light-travelling, laptop-lugging (and hence, thoroughly irritated by laptop speakers) type of people like me who are overly dependant on music for the retention of their sanity :D.

Right, now if only the rest of the trip would get done without any alarms or undue drama... One can always hope :).

Currently: loving the posh airport hotel :P
Listening to: DJ Shadow - Building steam with a grain of salt

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Yana said...

heyyy.. being at work's not so bad right now dude. Cartagena's old town is pretty cool what with the spanish style colonial architecture.

hope you get here on Saturday, there are plans to hit the infamous 'Best Salsa Bar' in the world for some boogie-ing. :D

P/S: The X-mini is awesome!!