Thursday, 31 December 2009

Good stuff :)

Two on the boat and the other two in Bombay. This is turning into a bit of a routine, isn't it?! And I like it :). I think I'll skip the goings on of these last couple of weeks that I've been here. Just for the time being. Instead, I'll indulge in the one ritual I've maintained on this space somewhat fastidiously: a look back on my last twelve months...Once again, at first glance the year seems to have gone by real quick. The difference this time is that all I need to do is remember the months spent in Angola, and the thought passes quickly =)). This has been a long year! And I've learnt a few unsavoury lessons. Thankfully, there's also been a lot of good stuff. :)Okay, so Angola wasn't all bad.... Actually, it was pretty bad, all things considered. But the Norway office rotations provided a good counter-balance. The snowboarding, for one, was a huge plus. As was the Bergen trip. But the best thing has to be the latter half of the year when, through no particular design on my part, I managed to get enough time off to get back a bit of what used to be my life :). And with that, a chance to really catch my breath after what's felt like a really really long run for the last couple of years!I'm glad I finally managed the long awaited US visit! Despite all the last minute scares. And then was quite surprised to land up in Cartagena for that awesomely chilled out trip right after! That's one down on the bucket list :). (Okay, so officially I'm supposed to land up in Antarctica too, but we'll see. For now I'm counting this one done :P.)Plus, I'm finally a little happier with the keeping in touch thing. Not better, mind you, but it turns out that yes, you lose touch. The trick is not to make a habit of it with people you really care about. Who knew, eh? :) And a few other things seem to be sorting themselves out somewhat. One particular symmetry, I found rather surprising. But then again, it was perhaps just an un/fortunate coincidence. Friends getting married have well and truly stopped being worthy of surprise :). Things are moving further now!Oh yes, there was finally the look at the Himalayas! And what a view that was!! And there was the Scuba trip. Both extremely hasty last-minute plans, but with unbelievably fantastic results :D. Oh and when it comes to all the insane flying, take it from me, a full year of travelling check-in bag free can make you feel distinctly less homicidal/suicidal about air-travel :D.A couple of things that have made my life easier this year: I've finally given up on trying to figure out when I'll start really hating my job :P. It's a roughly sinusoidal curve, punctuated, sometimes distorted, by things like Angola and Cartagena :D. And I've finally figured out that it's harder to be content than otherwise, but once you get the hang of it, that illusive thing, peace of mind, tends to be slightly easier to grasp :).And yes, a little time out can go a long way. (Of course a long time out works even better :D.) I really needed this. I don't think I've been this content at a year end in a while. Of course it's automatically better when I'm off the boat than when I'm on, but then that's how it's supposed to be, right?!
Right, so there it is then. Another year more or less wrapped up. Another mixed bag, but I can see the good stuff more easily and brightly than the bad when I peer in :). I'm sure I'm forgetting some stuff, but then that's usually how it works :P. Even though this is probably a little early, I wish everyone who still reads this all the best for the coming year. And could some of you people please start writing again?! I'm beginning to feel a bit lonely out here with all those dying/comatose blogs :D.

Feeling: optimistic :)
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Maria said...

I'm trying Kris, i'm trying...
Always end up caught up in something else, i just tend to forget my blog (Not that it's that interesting in the first place :D).

So will we ever see you in Oslo again? Or are you off to Abu Dhabi as well?

kray said...

:) I guess the thought counts :D

Oslo... since you mention it, I'm trying to get back there this break actually! maybe work for your boss :) don't know yet though... lesse...