Saturday, 5 December 2009

In search of the mountains - Day 5

-Gorkhey, 2300m

Five down, one to go :). It's a pretty awesome feeling! Yesterday's trek was really punishing! But this morning was a pretty gorgeous reward! Continuing to surprise myself, I woke up by 5:20 and was ready to go up to the viewing spot, also famous as the meeting point of the boundaries of India, Nepal and Sikkim, to see the sunrise. Only, this time it stayed hopelessly mired in the low clouds :(. Good thing was, by the time the girls were ready to leave it was past 9! And the entire horizon, when we got back to the viewing point, was waiting to dazzle :).
So it was another late start, but after a last look at Mt. Everest and Kanchendzonga and every peak in-between, we were on a consistent downhill run all the way to Gorkhey. While it was pretty hard on the knees, we weren't overly distressed by the time we arrived. Well, I wasn't, but Elise and Karine were headed a further 8 kms away to Rammam for their night stop, and they weren't feeling too happy about it...
The place is beautiful though! And I'm glad I'm staying here. The Gorkhey river flows thorough the valley, the rapids creating a constant, somewhat hypnotic, roar. Plus, the rapid decline in altitude means that I no longer need to remind myself to breathe deeper! And also, the temperature, even with the sun clouded over, is quite bearable. Unfortunately, thanks to the hills all around, the sun disappears over the 'horizon' at 3pm :|.
Sadly, with my temporary trekking partners gone, I'm back to Christopher Paolini for company. There was no one else in Phalut last night and no one's insane enough to try coming to Gorkhey from further than that. But tomorrow's another long day, heading all the way to Rimbik via Samanden, Rammam and Srikhola, so I suppose it'll be good to get back to the early start routine :).
The Gorkhey river continues in its mad rush through the impenetrable darkness as I contemplate the end of this rather remarkable 'holiday'. Well, there's another 20 odd kilometres to go, time to blow out the candle.Currently: warmer :)
Listening to: the Gorkhey river

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