Tuesday, 26 January 2010

I had a dream, I stood beneath an orange sky...

There is such a thing as the Famous Last Words Phenomenon. Therefore, I am not about to mention that the first almost-two-weeks of this trip have gone by quietly and peacefully.
I imagine my mentioning that there have been sunrises is hardly likely to adversely affect future occurrences. :) I mean, I don't want to be held responsible for single-handedly causing the cessation of sunrises or anything. But even I'm not that paranoid :D.I like this place. I like the cold water. I like the sunrises. But mostly, I like the promise of a strictly-to-be-adhered-to crew change schedule! But of course, these are early days. We shall see how things turn out as the months go by. In the mean time, I'm hatching plans again. :)
Currently: nursing basky bruises :P
Listening to: Alexi Murdoch - Orange sky


Hemamalini said...

Hey ! the second pic is pretty cool..has an 'end of the world last sunrise' dramatic effect :D

kray said...

:) I was hoping it would be the last one that gave the more 'sun goes supernova' type feel :D