Saturday, 17 April 2010

Ash from ice?!

I'm heading straight home from the boat at the end of this trip. Or at least I'm supposed to. Why's that news? 'Cos it's only happened three times before. :) However, now there's this Icelandic menace :|.
Trouble with crew change is exactly that, it's a changeover. So if the other lot don't make it back, despite my flight plans having nothing to do with European airspace, I could stay stuck on-board :(. So let's hope this blows over soon.-
The days are getting longer in a hurry this trip. Or so it seems. By the looks of it, sunrise bumped ahead a good 20 minutes in these last 3 weeks.Wonder what the weather's like back home. It'll be a quick shift into summer.Currently: waiting...
Listening to: Feist - 1 2 3 4


Maria said...

Can't say i don't share the worries about Iceland although my relievers are both from Azerbaijan :).
But if the wind picks the same direction...Azerbaijan...Egypt...India...etc, etc

kray said...

trouble is, even if they restart flights tomorrow, it'll be a while before normalcy returns... on-signers fly in 6 days :|