Monday, 14 June 2010

Building steam with a grain of salt?

Hmm. So maybe I was a little premature in giving up on my plans this break :).
And thanks to some rather fortuitous travel planning, it might even go better that I'd earlier hoped!
It's hot here. And I mean really insanely hot! Work boat trips these days warrant full protection, including massive straw brimmed hats and what not :). And at least where we are, the amount of oil visible on the surface has reduced a bit.Just like that, two weeks of the trip are gone, and the World Cup has finally kicked off in earnest. The only match I managed to watch was the USA - England one. With the hilarious equalizer :D. Catastrophe Green indeed :D. I mean, who does that?!! Oh well, I hope Argentina can come up with better stuff if they are to go the distance. Germany was in ominous form yesterday :|.
And what's up with all that U2 on the abc's World Cup broadcast?

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