Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Storm rising

So far so good. But Germany in the quarter finals. Again. That's going to be tense. I suppose it'll be the same for Brazil or Dutch fans in that quarter final. Bit of a shame really, to have all these matches sooner than the semis. Oh well.One week to go. And I have my flights done and dusted. Ohio, here I come! And New Haven, and Nantes, and Paris, and finally Oslo :|.
A few loose ends to wrap up. This is the end of a rather eventful stint in the Gulf of Mexico. Next up it's the Red Sea, and Saudi Arabia. Not overly thrilled about that. Nobody seems to know quite what to expect.And while we are here, the hurricane season's coming to life. Thankfully Alex is keeping away from us so far. Let's hope it stays that way and nothing messes with the choppers in 7 days!

Currently: hoping for a different outcome this weekend
Listening to: Stereophonics - Dakota

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