Thursday, 5 August 2010

Be still my soul

Having decided I should post more often when things happen, I promptly proceeded to do quite the opposite, didn't I? Oh well.
Been watching lot's of movies lately :). There was Inception, of course, and more recently The Sorcerer's Apprentice. Have I aired my reaction to M. Night's The Last Airbender? So here's the thing. I like both movies on principle, however, I believe both of them should have been made a lot better to really count as anywhere near decent and watchable :|. There's some good bits, but they are strung together in such a lacklustre fashion that the overall impression one is left with is somewhat underwhelming :(.

On the other hand, I quite liked Fever Pitch. The British one, that actually is about football, not the American version. I should read the book, I think. Going by previous experience, it'll probably be better than the film version :). Also, this is the first character played by Mark Strong that I can recall being cool and funny, and generally non-evil :D. He's pretty good at it!
Right, so what should by rights be a totally huge piece of news: I finally got my wallet back. Like, actually back, back in my hand :D. This was Monday, and I wasn't really expecting even a whisper of it till Friday at the earliest! So yeah, I was pretty happy with the start of the week :). Imagine that, they spend my money, send it via registered parcel, and it takes weeks to land up and ends up getting returned. That was last break. And this time they used just the basic regular mail, posted it Friday afternoon, and voilĂ ! I have it waiting for me at the reception first thing Monday morning :D. I think I might have had a few people somewhat concerned with my subsequent reaction. I suppose it might be termed slightly over the top by the prim and proper types :).

And the other bit of news is that the length of my stay here is no longer a matter of speculation. I'll be here till mid September. That's a long time to be in one place :-<. I did say I wanted to sit still for a little while didn't I? Why do I do this to myself? To be fair though, I did say little while. But there be varying interpretations of that word.

Currently: settling in for a bit longer then :)
Listening to: Nick Drake - Here come the blues


Hemamalini said...

Summer in Europe was brilliant the lat time i checked. Go travelling! i would consider being stuck there in September a *very* good thing! :)

kray said...

:) well... I should, shouldn't I? just a few other things getting in the way...