Monday, 17 January 2011

Around the bend

Have I mentioned that Norway and India form no part of my plans for this coming break? I will be back stateside. And while there, try and be done with the whole office rotation thing for good. It goes without saying that the usual terms and conditions apply...

I've never been to Houston. Beyond the airport that is. I wonder what two weeks there will be like. A bit warmer than ten days in Connecticut, I imagine :). Apparently it's even been snowing in N. Carolina! It never snows there! My aunt is understandably quite frantic :D.

I am looking forward to this more than anything I can remember in the recent past. Obviously. And that inevitably leads to anxiety. I'm trying not to think about it too much, but naturally, that's not working out too well :).

But it's crew-change tomorrow. So that's keeping things in perspective somewhat :D. I even had confirmed flights almost a week before the day this time!!

There have been some nice sunrises these last few days. Just enough clouds to dazzle.

Looking forward to chilling out for a bit. And hoping that the next time I'm here, life will begin to feel a little less rushed :).

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