Thursday, 27 January 2011

Snow flower

Right. So I've been on land for a bit now. But have been fairly occupied.

Finally got that new phone I'd been meaning to get for a while. My old one's really getting on now. Plus I needed a camera, till I can get back to using my EOS and IXUS duo that is. So I settled for the Nokia C3-01. It's handy. Small. Has a touch screen and doesn't look anything like the iPhone! Plus the 5MP cam is adequate for most situations. It also has Arabic on the keypad :|.

Trip back to the US was actually rather uneventful. Though by the time I managed to find my way back to New Haven, I was running seriously low on sleep! Nothing a few days of peace and quiet couldn't take care of though :).

Only trouble was the temperatures were rather significantly lower that I'd anticipated (or was prepared for :S). And in due course of the visit to NYC over the weekend, the cold struck with some ferocity. As luck would have it some people had decided to go run a half marathon in the middle of that! Impromptu anti-hypothermia action had to be taken in a hurry!!

I've landed up here with nothing besides my usual bare-minimum clothing. Unfortunately, interviews and presentations, especially ones with corporate overtones (and significant interests depending on them, like getting 6 months off a year!!) don't look kindly on jeans and snow boots. So I have now acquired yet another pair of black trousers and a blue shirt :|. And shoes! Question is, how on earth am I going to fit all of this in my Zoomiverse?!

Since the weekend though, I've been busy. Thankfully the weather's cooperated. It snowed pretty much every day and kept me from even thinking of going out :). Others have not been so lucky. And to top it off it snowed over a foot just overnight last night!!! I don't think I've seen anything like this!! Weather was nice today though! Good enough to shovel snow in shorts :D.

I guess my quiet interlude here is about to end. Heading out tomorrow, and hoping that the journey will get me in the vicinity of Houston without too much tribulation. Let's see how things go thereafter. True to form (just like every other thing I really really want) unusual, unnecessary and extremely annoying roadblocks keep throwing themselves at me. Fortunately, thus far, they also seem to be sweeping themselves out of the way :).

Currently: already missing daal bhaat :-<
Listening to: Kina Grannis - Delicate


histrionix said...

Let me see, you ate lunch ~3 pm and by 6 pm you were already missing daal bhaat? Sheesh.

kray said...

yup! what can I say? :)