Monday, 21 March 2011


I like 20-25 knots of wind. You can quite comfortably lean into it. Of course, if it were to suddenly drop, or change direction for a moment, you would be left clutching thin air as you fell forward. And beyond that speed it gets a bit annoying. Especially so if it's cold :).

It's been a while since I've been out on deck in the middle of the night. Provided you position yourself right, all you see is the dark expanse of inky ocean, fading into a somewhat lighter darkness of the night sky. Barring the twinkling of the lanternas and maybe distant lights from ashore, when you can see shore, that is.

On occasion, there are other boats, lit up, sometimes quite festive looking from a little distance away. But recently, after a space of a couple of years, we are working solo. No more keeping pace, alone, somewhat unfettered even.

But on some nights, others intrude on the brooding darkness. The moon, for instance. Giant, at rise and set as it hovers near the horizon. Or merely bright, melting part of the world into a flow of liquid moonshine reaching out towards the edge of sea and sky. Or dusky sometimes, flitting between ghostly clouds.

Did it really look any bigger than every other night? Any closer? Not that I could tell. Probably the trouble there is that the moon is kinda far away to begin with :).

Currently: single digits!!!
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Hemamalini said...

Yes, I did wonder about how the moon would have looked over the ocean :)how are the 5 weekers treating you?

kray said...

same as always - gorgeous :)

as for the 5 weekers, dunno yet! a week left to the first one :D