Friday, 8 April 2011


I think the cricket fever's run its course :). No, I'm not a big IPL or T20 fan, so.

So, flashback to the flights back home. One might question the sense in choosing a book titled Turbulence for reading on flights, but that's what I did. Promptly, I was transported back by Basu's trademark haphazardness (possibly unintentional, but whatever) to the Game World universe! It was quite entertaining actually :).

The crazy start, a storyline that got even crazier. Lots of chatter interspersed with bits of action in the start and middle giving way to exactly the opposite towards the latter part. I love the way he does it. The sense of almost tumbling from one page to the next in a mad rush to find out what happens next! But in the process, you end up lunging headlong into an ending that is, quite frankly, bewildering.

I think he should just have skipped the end entirely :|. I mean, seriously?!!! Cringe-inducing is an understatement!! And of course, there's ample opportunity for sequels. But I'm not quite certain which side of that fence to stand on...

Anyhoo, now that I'm done with that, it's high time I finished off with Hornet's Nest! This vacation so far has a pretty cool feel to it :). Like a proper break from things. You know, like summer breaks used to be in-between school years!

Currently: on break, from everything :D
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Anonymous said...

Nice! I love your eye for beauty!!!

kray said...

thanks! :)

Maria said...

Totally understand the feeling of a total break, beautiful feeling :)

kray said...

:D I know!!