Sunday, 12 June 2011

The colour of dust

Let me share a revelation. It's nothing new, has happened over and over again, quite a few times now. Landscapes, cityscapes, seascapes, you name it - they all look so much better on the way off the boat than while heading the other way :D.

This being the last time I should have to sample the dry and dusty barrenness that is the road between Duba and Tabuk, I made sure I managed a nice window seat with great visibility all around! All the better to capture everything that I will be missing terribly in the foreseeable future. Not!!

You can tell how much I've loved working there can't you? However, some of the pictures did come out okay :).

As for the rest of the trip back home, unfortunate seating and topsy turvy sleep patterns made sure that I arrived at home quite heavily jet-lagged. The one thing I was not expecting was for Cal to actually be hotter than the Red Sea :(. Thankfully, it appears that the monsoon rains are not far away!

Now of course there is the uncertainty of waiting without knowing. I hate that part. And ending up sick right at the start of the break doesn't help one bit :(. There's still a month left though, and hopefully some of the travel plans I was making might even work out!

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