Thursday, 7 July 2011

Smoky mirror

The sky, so long shrouded in thunderous clouds chooses that exact moment to go supernova. The sun, in its dying moments bursts forth heroically one last time. Every shade of grey, from the depressing to the downright frightening, is consigned to the sideline as an explosion of hues lights up the sunset.

Unfortunately, there's a veritable profusion of concrete and metal in my way. Short lived as it is, the moment doesn't allow for one's convenience. It's funny how that works out, more often than not.

Suppose you know you are not being the most gracious version of yourself. You know it, but there appear to be reasons. It seems to me, awareness only goes so far to mitigate the effects of circumstance. Beyond that, I guess a little bit of venting becomes rather necessary. One can only hope no one gets too badly singed by the fallout.

Apparently, I'm headed to the Med. Given the relative lack of certainty surrounding everything to do with me lately, I shall hold off on definitive statements of any sort till a more opportune moment.

Feeling: listless
Listening to: Bob Dylan - Standing in the doorway

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