Thursday, 15 September 2011

Raindrops and detours

It's almost like the rain was hell bent on chasing me all the way to Ohio. And how! If I say I've never seen it rain that hard, it would probably be over stating things, but not my much. On the other hand, to say that I've never seen it rain that hard for that long over that much distance, that would definitely be understating it!

And of course, there were the consequences. People, it seems, do not have enough respect for the elements, especially water on the highway. I ran into the aftermath of at least four significant road accidents on my way and one of them so severe as to cause the complete shutdown of a huge portion of I-80! Thankfully, I made it to my destination, a bit tired and much later than anticipated, but safe and sound :).

I seem to time my visits to Bowling Green rather well when it comes to local events. This time it was the annual Black Swamp Arts Festival! Something of a high point in these parts. There's live bands, playing a fairly wide variety of music. There are numerous stalls selling strangely named and sometimes innovatively created food (the cheesecake, dipped in chocolate, on a stick, for example). There are also stalls set up all down the length of Main Street selling all kinds of things. Clothes, furniture, decorative items of all shapes and sizes. But everything has a touch of local colour.

A by-product of visiting my cousin has always been unusual spikes in sporting activity :). This time it was volleyball, and when those courts were unavailable, wallyball. In a week I had played more of those two sports than in the rest of my life! Given that the weather situation was tenuous at best, it was probably a good thing we left other outdoor activities more or less alone.

I suppose the tennis is better left alone. It is a difficult thing to watch your heroes being dismantled. Sooner than I would have thought, it was time to leave. It was on the way back that I actually got to see Pennsylvania in its green, mountainous glory. It was a beautiful bright day, thank heavens :). So, despite the weather scare, my driving expeditions around the country ended on a high.

Currently: in Connecticut, without snow :)
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