Friday, 30 March 2012

Of slow rivers, lazy airports and mockingjays

Despite being about as close to home as I could be, without actually working in country, it took me close to a day to actually get home. That was mostly because I flew back and forth over roughly the same area (that sharp triangle formed by Yangon, Bangkok and Dawei) three times!

I suppose it could have been worse :). The flights were all short and the stopovers not too long. Unfortunately, that also meant the only time I spent in Yangon was mostly inside the rather posh new airport building.

I made some progress with Bryson while travelling. But thereafter my attention was rather abruptly hijacked again, this time, first briefly by Seneca Crane, and then completely by The Hunger Games! It is definitely a lightning fast read. And having come off American Gods, not an altogether bad choice for a follow up as far as rocking dystopian action goes. :)

Insulated as I usually am to all but those goings on in the world that I take an active interest in, (well, most of the time, wars and nuclear disasters are a bit difficult to stay away from) the books had completely escaped my notice till the buzz over the film gathered some force. But now that I'm through with the first book, I've gotto read the other two before I think about watching the films!

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