Friday, 21 September 2012

Growing, growing, grown

When was the first time you noticed it? The fact that you no longer qualified as young. Not in the sense where there's a whole world out there that takes one look at you and goes, oh yes, this one's just starting out at this whole living business.

Was it one morning as you looked at the mirror through the haze of sleep that still enveloped most of your mind? Something seemed to have frozen in a bit. That things hadn't really changed by much in a while. Or was it out in the street. You notice someone and figure, yeah, this is a person. Can't call this one a kid. And then you figure they're younger than you.

Either way, what I'm trying to figure is, did the feeling creep up on you? Or was it one of those bolts out of the blue? That you weren't growing up any more. You were already grown up, and from here on out, you'd just be getting older.

Currently: tired, even after sleeping 12 hours
Listening to: Chicane - 1000 mile (initial sketch)

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