Monday, 15 October 2012

Arriving somewhere, but not here

Just when the weather's really beginning to get quite nice... It's actually cool most of the time. A little damp, but that can be forgiven. But now I'm all set to leave. With less than a week to go for the beginning of Durga Pujo too! Oh well, I guess my Pujo celebrations will consist mainly of shivering on the Pride's back deck.

Unfortunately, once I leave home, it'll also be bye bye personal computing equipment. Well, operational equipment anyway. After four years of getting dragged around all over, the laptop's finally given up. Not even a whimper of a response :(. On the up-side, this might be a good time to give up on laptops altogether! Hmm, given the USB situation on most substitutes, that's not likely. Still, who knows.

Good thing I got the Kindle when I did. Looks like it'll more or less be my only source of entertainment for a little while. Not that I'm short on reading material :) Bartimaeus is entertaining as expected, and while I thought two chapters a week would be a bit annoyingly slow for the Gaiman re-read, thus far that has not been the case. Every Wednesday I keep getting surprised exactly how many things I seem to have missed on my first read of American Gods. I wonder if all Gaiman's books are that way.

Right, flight-mode beckons. Time to get ready. Ready to disappear into the loneliness in the midst of hundreds. Let's hope this time there's less drama than the last transit.

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