Saturday, 20 April 2013

Hva heter du?

It's been two decades since the last time, but I've seriously taken up learning a new language :). How successful the endeavour will be remains to be seen. In the mean time, I'm inching closer to getting together the bits and pieces needed to settle into a life here. At the same time, the mercury is clawing up towards a belated spring.

It's been a fairly quiet week. With frequent showers that seemed to wash off the last remaining bits of snow from the footpaths. Now there are only the dirty heaps of melting ice here and there, remnants of months of snow piled up by the snow ploughs. It's almost good enough weather to be out running.

Almost but not quite :). So in the mean time I've been spending my free evenings trying to get the hang of a new 'smart'-phone and my first post-paid phone connection since Orange :D. Damn, now I'm wondering if I still have that SIM card sitting around somewhere. Knowing me, it's probably still stuck in the now completely defunct Nokia 3315!

I feel terrible about ditching my Nokia C3 so unceremoniously barely after a couple of years of use, but it was never going to survive being a work phone. I do feel partly redeemed, having managed to refrain from an iPhone. Got this instead, it's the S-III mini's bullet-proof cousin :D. Should survive the inevitable close acquaintance with snow and stuff. Without me having to bother with any of those pesky covers :).

Somehow, I can't quite shake this vague feeling that I'm still waiting for a sign that I'm actually here. For real. Something that is the opposite of a transient sort of existence. Hmm, I suppose the temporary housing might have something to do with that...

Currently: looking forward to no alarm for two full days! wheee!
Listening to: Dave Matthews Band -Dodo


Hemamalini said...

It will take 5 weeks and a utility bill in your name to get used to it :)

kray said...

:) yeah, that bill thing might do it. which might take a whole lot longer than 5 weeks around here tho!