Thursday, 4 July 2013

Mad "skills"

Most days I'm quite glad I don't have to tell people about me. Someone asked me today what I'm good at. I think I stared blankly for a bit before asking what he was talking about :). When he clarified he meant work, I began to feel distinctly uncomfortable.

I mean, I'm good at stuff. But 'stuff' clearly wasn't going to hack it here. A bit of this and a bit of that? Nope, people want distinct classifications of ability. Turns out I've been in a job where you take it as it comes and do the best you can long enough that I've forgotten how to 'define and sell my skill-set'.

I don't suppose being able to navigate any airport in the world without batting an eyelid would count. Or the fact that I can survive in a social setting a lot longer around people I don't really know without panicking than I used to.

I can, however, assemble Ikea furniture like nobody's business :D. And at long last the sofa arrived last night! It may not look like it in that photo, but seriously, this is the bad-ass-est of bad-ass sofas! I love it :) clearly, and suddenly my living room, and by extension my apartment, went that much closer to being my home!

Yeah, say what you want about the little things making a difference, sometimes the big things make a bigger difference ;).

Currently: hoping for a bit of sun
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each day an adventure in alaska said...

enjoyed your pictures and musings. best of luck in your new apartment. it looks lovely.

kray said...

thanks :)