Friday, 25 October 2013

Inbetween seasons

It snowed! It actually snowed last Monday! Then the 'heat wave' started, by which I mean that things warmed up to almost double digits, but not quite :). It did rain a fair bit, leaving everything rather damp and uninviting. If there was any doubt at all that I'd seen all there was to see of fall, it was quite effectively decimated.

So I got back to reading a little bit. Heinlein had been waiting, and once I started, I was quite quickly immersed back into the strangeness of the 'lunatic' language. Have I mentioned this earlier? No, I don't think I've written about The Moon is a Harsh Mistress at all. When I first started reading it, that language was one thing that took me by surprise, utterly dismayed as I was with the lack of an ending to Blackout.

It took me a few pages to realize that the strangeness was indeed part of the character of Man, and by extension the book, as it runs through the narrative. And that's the other thing, why on earth would Manuel be abbreviated to Man? It wouldn't would it? Only on the moon :).

Having only read one other book by the same author, I suppose I shouldn't have expected too many similarities. Insufficient data for a pattern and all that. But the surprise was a pleasant one. Since then I've started reading something by the name of Mr. Penumbra's 24-hour Bookstore. A rather unusual one. But I've only just started, so I shall reserve judgement.

With the evenings getting longer and longer and the outdoors seeming less and less inviting, I'm beginning to get the feeling I might actually get around to reading a bit more regularly. At least till the proper snow arrives.

The one other thing worth mentioning would be Luther! I can't believe they had only fourteen episodes in all three seasons combined, but damn! I have been an Idris Elba fan for some time, and that just made things even better :D.

Of the multitude of films I've been watching though, nothing quite stands out much above general blah entertainment. Although The Family was quite a lot of fun. And Don Jon had its moments. Really looking forward to  Ender's Game next week though! Since I heard of the project, I've been wondering how that book could have ever been translated to film, I can't wait to find out!

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