Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Fields of white and clouds of white

The start of a year. How is it any different from the start of any other arbitrary length of time? A friend rather interestingly compared the arbitrariness of the relationship between coffee and a date (Good Will Hunting) with that of the significance of New Year's Day.

Nonetheless, it's good to have starts and ends, however arbitrary. There is a certain hopefulness to beginnings. And while some beginnings are more tangible than others, that hopefulness is real in all cases.

It's been a slow but steady start to this year, somehow :). A bit of snow, a bit of sunshine. A bit of venturing out on ice! But then it's just begun. So who knows what's coming? Anything is possible.

Including more snowboarding weekends. And Barcelona!

Currently: optimistic
Listening to: Thomas Newman - Skyfall