Thursday, 12 February 2015

Changes, changes


I suppose once life starts catching up with you, keeping up with it can be difficult. But then again, no one said this was going to stay the same. It would be nice for it to stick around in some shape or form. So now it is mostly a question of what shape and which form.

It's been busy. Obviously. But not always in quite the same way. Sometimes busy is living life, sometimes it's catching up on a bit of rest, sometimes it's just being a little ill for a change :).

Sadly, this season hasn't gone quite the way I was hoping when it comes to the slopes and snow and such. It's not that the snow doesn't fall. It's just that once it does, the temperature invariably goes up again.

Well, it's still only February, so who knows.

Feeling: changes
Listening to: Moby - A long time

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