Saturday, 26 September 2015

Sunshine, blue skies

I've managed to get a bit stuck again... It's that awesome Iceland trip, more details of which I haven't yet managed to find the time to collect and distil onto the pages of the blog. But in the mean time, life's been going on. In some ways different, in others the same as, say, twelve months ago. Or maybe fifteen.

It's been raining a lot. And mostly I've used that as an excuse to not really get out much on the bike. But when I did, it was pretty nice. Although, as someone put it this week, summer is officially over. The leaves have started changing colour and the temperatures have taken a dive for single digits. What's more, this time around it feels like they aren't coming back up till the snow's cleared.

There's still some longish days of sunshine and blue skies left though. I guess it would be nice to make some use or them. Haven't been doing too badly on that front.


I've been listening to some online mixes these last few weeks. Rather than my own playlists that is. At work. Which may not sound like much, but ends up being most of my hours that aren't taken up by other audio inputs of greater import these days :). I guess it's just a question of something new and different. So far I've settled on Liquicity. It's going interestingly.

I haven't really been watching too many films lately. Been meaning to, but just haven't managed to get around to The Man From U.N.C.L.E. And now I think it may have left Asker Kino. Oh well. What I did watch last night was About Time. And loved it! It's not often that films do such a good job of balancing funny, pragmatic sort of life/stories with tugs at the heartstrings, so to speak. It was refreshing, and quite thoroughly entertaining :).

One of the things I have managed to do in the mean time, was attend a friend's wedding on the west coast (of Norway). Little place, the description of which starts two levels away. You know I'd say I grew up in Asansol, but have to explain that it's sort of close to Kolkata. But then if pressed I'd say when I say Asansol, I actually spent my childhood in a place called Dishergarh a few kilometres away from Asansol. So a bit like that.

First taste of a Norwegian wedding, although I must say, since half the relevant couple is from Angola, it was probably a bit of a twist on the theme rather than a completely representative example :). Was great fun though!! Not least of which were the many speeches, an emotional yet jolly mix. The driving around twisting, narrow fjord roads in a massive VW van (when we'd asked for a Polo or 'similar') was a distant second. The brief, yet profoundly satisfying stroll away from the crowd as disk fell probably tied for second place, thanks especially to the rather large and happy/inquisitive dog we met on the way :).

One other thing was getting my UK visa! I've managed to visit two European countries this year that I've never visited before. Now maybe it's time for a third :). Question is, when?

Feeling: sleepy after a long day's hike
Listening to: Liquicity - Liquid drum and base mix