Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Of memories, old and new

Generally speaking, I'm definitely one for blue skies, sunshine and the more full fat bright and cheeriness. But I do sometimes miss the more subdued but varied palette of sunrises and sunsets :). There's something altogether more ethereal and therefore magical in the blink and you miss it sort of beauty. And now that the days are getting a bit longer again it's nice to notice the departure and onset of twilight at more reasonable sort of times. As against in the middle of the day :).

I was reminded of a rather old post the other day, from almost ten years ago now, about an afternoon spent on a beach in Singapore. It's funny how one thing reminds you of another, then that leads you on to something else, and before you know it, you're right in the middle of a long and intricate net of criss-crossing memories.

It is nice sometimes, to just take some time out, create a bit of space for yourself. Wait till the noise dies down a little, life slows. And then find out a little about what's been going on underneath. What's been collecting, growing, maybe festering.... 

A gift of How the Marquis Got His Coat Back (which is a very quick and entertaining read, by the way) led me back to Neverwhere. Looking back I found that the last time I'd read it was on the flight over to Norway when I moved here :). So I've been enjoying reading a slightly different version of it the last few days. I've been enjoying finding out once again how Gaiman can layer darkness between light and colour. Reality between curtains of fantasy. I've been enjoying tickling my imagination, immensely :).

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