Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Space has a sense of warping itself around feelings, I find. Sometimes. The dark yet not completely lacking in colour midnight sky of Norway in summer. It seems to wind itself around a sense of timelessness I have, memories from different summer nights meshing together into something that's no longer quite a memory. But is in so many ways more.

It has been a lovely month of sunshine and almost unexpected warmth. Interspersed with rain, of course. You can't have it getting too awesome now can you? :-)

We continued the now almost traditional May road trip to the fjordlands. (Yes, I live practically a stones throw away from fjords, but these are tame and wide, almost benign fjords, here in the south east. Further west and northwards, they have those of the more wild and untamed variety.)

What weather! :-) Blazing sunshine every day! Perfect for a road trip along twisty narrow roads alongside the water, through valleys that kept switching between spring greens and winter whites. Fjords and lakes of such a variety of shapes and sizes as to constantly amaze!

There's also been a bit of cycling. And I've been feeling the off season. Not in a good way. But it seems the weather wants to cooperate somewhat, and lately I've been finding my pedalling legs again. :-) Since I managed to rather ruin my gears a bit over the last 3500 plus kilometres, I've even been considering a new bike. We shall see.

Time passes in the now familiar high-speed-slow-motion. Another month gone, the year almost half over. But the days seem full of... happenings? Not necessarily outside my head. But there we have it. :-) I mean this as a good thing in fact!

Life is beginning to feel more like itself rather than merely something like it.