Thursday, 30 June 2016

All the instants between heartbeats

Another month, another road trip :). This summer is shaping up nicely for racking up the miles! Only this time it was with the parents and down along the coast south from here down to Kristiansand and past. And I took a whole two weeks off. Getting back to work this morning was, well, difficult :). A thoroughly enjoyable break was had.

And as I drove back from Gardermoen having dropped the parents off, I decided to actually go in and order the bike I've been planning to buy for about a month now :P. As it happens, they had the right size one in stock, so I ended up walking out of the Storesenter with a fantastically bright orange bike and then spent the next few minutes hoping and praying that it would fit in the car :P. (Given that this was a bit of a spur of the moment thing, I didn't have my bike rack mounted on the car.) Well, with no one else in the car and using every inch of space available, it did fit!! Barely :). After three years and over 3700 km, the good old Union 40 was getting a bit iffy on the gears.... But I'll still feel bad stripping all the bits off of it and moving them to the Range 50. Oh well, such is life :). First new bike since first year of uni though :).

Right, back to that road trip then :). The weather was appropriately mixed up this time! The day we went to Lindesnes Fyr, the southernmost point on mainland Norway, was so cloudy that we could barely see the water 20m from the lighthouse! But then the very next day when we drove along the small coastal roads down to Arendal, the skies were the bright bright blue of Norway in all it's summer splendour!

We stayed at a little rental apartment in Lillesand and made the most of the kitchen (and the supermarket practically next door :D) and had some fun cooking up. In fact, I think the last couple of weeks was the most cooking I've done in any shortish period of time :). The idea was to keep the parental units happy and simultaneously away from the cooking :D. It worked, mostly!

There are times when different parts of your life come together. They could collide, crash and burn in the aftermath. Or they could flow into each other like streams of bright colours. Mixing, strands curling around each other. Making patterns of such beauty that take your breath away. This was like that :). It's been a good couple of weeks. Scratch that. It's been an awesome couple of weeks! :)

Listening to: Feint & Veela - The Journey