Saturday, 27 August 2005

It gets better or it gets worse.

It never stays the same. Life, that is. Why this profound sounding statement? It's just that no two days for the last couple of weeks seem to have gone quite the same way.
It is an extremely satisfying feeling to get your hands dirty at work. What I'm trying to say is that at the end of the day when you finally clean up the grease etc., and make yourself a hot cuppa tea, it actually feels as though you've earned it! And thankfully, today things weren't nearly as bad as yesterday, so I managed to have dinner on time as well as watch the gorgeous sunset, happily clicking away :D.

Oh, and today I decided to make my first digi-cam video! The first one turned out pretty cool, though all it had was 30 seconds of propeller wash (under the back deck lights, and looking cool, but seemed a little boring). So I decided to star in the next one. And for convenience I held the cam vertical while recording. Back in my room when I uploaded the videos and pics onto my comp I realised that in the last video I was animatedly saying stuff about the coolness of life on board a ship, all the time rotated by ninety degrees to the vertical. And I have absolutely no clue how to turn the video upright :(.
Another rather interesting experiment that I tried today had to do with the moon. It was a half moon tonight, flitting in and out of clouds. With a little time on my hands I decided to put the Swift Seahawk to use. (That's what the manufacturers have chosen to call the waterproof binoculars.) After prolonged efforts, marred by the clouds and even more by the simple fact that it was a rather ludicrous idea. So eventually after managed a rather blurred quarted disk, I turned my attentions to a more attainable goal: any pic taken through the binocs :D.

Ah yes, I did manage a rather decent picture of a few birds today. All in all a very satisfying day's work indeed!


Anil said...

juxtapositions of contrasting colors...truely blisful to ones eyes. Amazing views and spectacular photography!!

now I too chuckle on the word 'banal'... ;-) after looking at ur blog!!

By the way u too a Mariner... :?

kray said...

Well, I'm not quite sure what you mean by mariner... But yes, I'm an Acquisition Engineer, marine seismic.

lakesidey said...

Nice binoc pic :) Looks like sky on fire....

lakesidey said...

Oh, and for the video being sideways.....keep the monior on its side ;) (He he, I've had the same irritating problem!)

kray said...

@ lakesidey - Thanx, I noticed what looks yellowish to the naked eye looks somewhat red through the binoc... but again that's only in the night. I guess I was just at the right place at the right time :D.