Wednesday, 24 August 2005

Lightbulb Sun

Yes yes, I'm obsessed with Porcupine Tree, but that's just 'cos they are good! Anyway, coming to the point of the Sun and the lightbulb. As far as I could make out, the only difference is that the Sun doesn't go phuttt! and burst into shards of glass. You would think I've borken a lightbulb today wouldn't you! :))
Nevermind that. It often surprises me how a day ends up going nowhere near where I thought it would go at the beginning of the day. It happens so often to me that you'd think I would have gotten used to it by now. But it's one of those things that never fail to surprise me. And that's good. Being able to forsee stuff would kind'a take the fun out of life wouldn't it. So it was a pretty nice surprise when I found the sky bright and clear this evening. The day had been pretty foggy.
I wonder why I keep reading books I knew I would hate from the start. This is the second in a row, and I'm sure I'll read the next one in the series as well. Thank God it'll be the last one!! I guess some things you just can't live without knowing the end of. Wonder if that's what put me in such a bad mood yesterday.
The beginning of I, Robot looks promising though. But then, I'm yet to read an Asimov that's let me down!


Akshi said...

The sixth Harry Potter kya? It wasn't so bad I tought, def'ly an improvement on the 5th one and with enough masala to leave you looking forward to the 7th one.

kray said...

Yep, you got that right. And improvement on horrible makes it only slightly less horrible. But as I said, I'm sure I'll read the 7th one as well :(. Trouble is, with new developments at the end of 6, I'm worried there might actually be more than 7!

The Gr8 One said...

Boss!! You write some serious shit!! I never knew that you could write this good! Waise, Try writing a book soemtime (I guess that could be the best time pass on a lonely deck in the of-wrok hours!).

kray said...

@ the gr8 one - Thank you. Btw, I don't quite recognise you, should I? As for the book, =)) one should appreciate one's limits :P.