Friday, 26 August 2005

Of migrating birds and twisted entangled gunstrings.

Firstly, I'm sorry for not being able to post any pictures today. But, since I had to spend more than half of today's shift sorting out the horrendous mess that wayward propellers and an unforgiving sea had landed us in, there simply wasn't the chance to take any. I wonder whether I'm the one causing all this... One day onboard, and we get the worst weather of the season... one day on the gundeck, and the worst gunstring snarl of the whole trip! It's like, with me around, Murphy's law strikes with a vengeance.

Earlier in the day though, with the seas much calmer and the day clear and bright, I was back to the A-deck with my waterproof binoculars. And while following the entertaining course of birds skimming the sea, I noticed a flock that was flying much higher up in the sky. I noticed that these birds flew in an extremely ordered fashion. Not for them the sudden swoops and dives. Every now and then they would change places in a loosely buint but very distinctive formation. I guess when you are going long distance, minor details become important, and showing off is simply a big waste.


Hemamalini said...

and these birds look so focussed while they are flying. Thats something I have always marvelled ..!
couldn't help thinking of 'Guns and pRoses' as a psuedo name to ur article:D

Akshi said...

you should write in a bit more laymen friendly language. Whats a gunstring snarl for example?
Spotting migratory birds sounds cool.Wish you could've taken some pics though.

kray said...

@ Hema - did you by any chance mean 'pseud'instead of pseudo? :P

@ Akshi - well, actually it's like traffic snarl == traffic jam, gunstring snarl == gunstrings gone all haywire. And well, I tried taking a few pics today, but again, you know how it is with digi-cams, predelay of exposure meaning by the time pic's taken birds have probably flown out of feild of view :(.

Hemamalini said...

nopes.,i exactly meant what I had other words.., NOT your college slang:P