Wednesday, 17 August 2005

Sunny side up

They had eggs at dinner tonight.
And the sun's been up too! Almost on cue to my prayers the seas have calmed down considerably since yesterday and I have completed my first whole week at sea, sea-sickness free and absolutely fit and fine in every possible way. Speaking of the sun, as may be expected at 55 degrees North of the Equator at this time of the year, the days here are extremely long, and usually end with absolutely spectacular sunsets! (I work till midnight and hence have not had the chance to be awake to witness the sunrise yet.)
Now there's just another month to go!


Akshi said...

Waise what work do you do on ship, clean the decks :P ? Actually thats a serious question. Do you people have other passengers also or this is a schlum only ship?

kray said...

:| No, I dont clean the decks, I am engineer, remember!! Neways, my work primarily includes keeping an eye on the streamers (9 5 Km long cables with 400 receivers each) and guns (the 64 airguns which act as sources) and monitor and store the data thats being sent up. Mostly involves a keeping a weary eye out for tons of possible red signals on some 11 screens :).

There are no passengers, just maritime personnel, who sail the boat, and seismic personnel who run the operations. And of course, some characters like client reps n Russian naval observers, really forbidding looking chaps that last bunch!

Anonymous said...

Yo Kray!
Good to read about your life!
- Srinath

Akshi said...

Sreeeenath! How are you?!

Hemamalini said...

hey u. u missed the sunset on the h was out of the world. get a brk from staring at monitors sometime;)

kray said...

Srinath!! how are you? and why havent you been updating your blog?!! :D