Wednesday, 7 September 2005

Eternal sunshine in a spotless sky

Horrible take on a terrific movie, but I couldn't find any better way to describe the scene that lay spread out before me today as we were lowered down to the sea on te work-boat. (YES!!! Two days in a row, sunny sky and boat rides >:) this is the good life!)

My successive outings have been a continuous learning process:
Day 1: Never wear a wrist watch under an immersion suit, the supertight (they are supposed to be waterproof) wrist bands tightening on top of the wristlet makes it bite into your skin and after a while, the pain is unbelievable!
Day 2: Trying to do accomplish any act requiring dexterity is impossible with gloves on. Since the work has to be done, and you can't afford mistakes, ignore the insane cold and the numbing icy water for just as long as it takes to finish the job. (DO NOT forget to put the gloves back on, you don't wanna feel the blood slowly recirculating through each minute capillary, it's excrutiating.)
Day 3: Wear proper headgear, normal hard hats tend to fly away while you are enjoying the fresh air on your face.
Day 4: Wearing safety glasses keeps both the wind and the salty, stinging, tear-bringing water out.
So getting to the actual ride, I have never seen the sea as calm as it was this afternoon. Of course that means no spray and minimal pitching. Neil and Stan took this opportunity to catch some shut eye.

Today I also received my final appraisal from my managers onboard the Trident, so now I have officially accomplished everything I'd come here to do! Yippie :D. And I just noticed that I'm yet to put up a decent picture of the ship on this blog!!

The Western Trident


I've been meaning to write this for a couple of days, but keep forgetting somehow. Philip K Dick SUCKS! Bigtime. The book (Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep) is totally psycho! That's one author I'm swearing off. I lay reading the book, couldn't let go, there were just a few more pages to go, I kept telling myself. And by the end of it the clock was showing 5:30 am, I was sitting on my bunk, dazed and utterly confused! A sensation very close to panic was coursing it's way just below the surface of my consciousness. Every time the guns went off, the ship swayed, I swayed with it, and the dull thump of the shot kept jolting my harried nerves in the most unpleasant manner :(. I can't really remember if I slept after that. I was early for work the next day though.


I couldn't not post two snaps of today's sunset, it was so gorgeous! Some more are there on my photoblog. (Heh, I know, this is almost a photoblog itself, but the other one has just pics :P.)

Before it slipped behind the clouds...

...and then it peeped out again!


ro said...

kray...plz email me exactly where are you and what are u upto in life? It seems so awesome!

I am so so so J of you right now!

kray said...

:D thanxx Ro, will do as soon as I figure out what your mail id is :P.