Friday, 2 September 2005

Looking from above

Google is GOD! Well, I have had multiple occassions to say this, but this time the reason is Google Earth. Yes I know it was originally Keyhole that started up with the concept of the online 3-D map of the whole planet, but lets not get into propreitory issues.
Currently Google has a free version of the software which I downloaded today, and have had a fabulous time locating the different places that I've been to. Sadly though, the satellite coverage over India isn't too great, clarity ceases to increase with a decrease in altitude lower than 20,000 ft. But it still gave me a prety good view of Mumbai, parts of Kolkata (including Dum Dum, where I live!) and also of Asansol, a small town located roughly at 23 degrees North and 87 degrees East, where I was born!! :D
But I was really amazed by the view I got of Tokyo airport.
And this, it could be me sitting inside that plane, mine took of from the same runway!

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