Friday, 21 October 2005

Days go by. . . .

I'm bored. It's been raining almost continuously for the last three days now. The sky is perpetually cloudy, and it's getting a bit chilly. And I have to finish up my left-over shopping for my upcoming trip to Norway (yeah I know I shouldn't be complaining about the Kolkata chill under the circumstances). It's not fun. Not with knee high water in some places, the dampness, the muddy, sloshy, slippery, crowded market. Oh yes, it's still crowded, people hurrying up to catch the last of the leftover Durga Puja sale offers.

My boss seems to be nice, he took the trouble of informing me that winter has already hit Oslo, and that I better be ready to deal with some heavy snow. And ice. He also informed me that the taxi service from accomodations to the office has been suspended, so we'll have to leg it. In the ice and snow.


Have been listening to Switchfoot (that's a band) these days. Don't have any mp3's yet, so hanging on to Yahoo! Music and VH1. I strongly suggest you try and watch the video of Stars. It's nice. Has people flying around. I think. It's a little difficult to make out actually. But the music's good :).


Was browsing through some pics I've been taking through my window and this one turned up and made me smile.

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