Friday, 28 October 2005


It's funny how a person behaves with various people. There may be a common recognizable strain in the behaviour that sets the person apart from all others, identifies him as unique. Then again, maybe not.

Take Henry and Edward for example. Amy thinks Henry's an absolutely charming chap! Caring, considerate, sensible.. in short the perfect guy to have around when she's feeling a little low. He's sure to get her back to her chirpy self. According to Pink, there could be no one more irritating, self-centered and downright boring than Edward! Now all that's perfectly cool, till I tell you that Eddie and Henry happen to be the same guy. Now the fun part in the whole thing is when you have a clear third person view of the whole picture as Eddie/Henry's good friend Kris :D.

It's so difficult to know people these days. It's not so much that you find hidden depths in them that you didn't know exists, but the fact that the stuff hidden in those depths seem to invariably be dark and forbidding. It's a rather scary world out there...

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