Sunday, 23 October 2005

Of delayed flights and aerial traffic jams!

So I decided to put a nightout at home before catching flight last night. True to form, fell asleep as soon as I got into my seat. Trouble is I slept through breakfast! And by the time I woke up the flight steward very nicely asked me to wait for the next meal!!!
And at London there was a huge delay due to air traffic control! It meant that the pilot gave nice aerial tour of the city while circling near Heathrow airport, but I was stuck smack in the middle of the bloody plane!! Couldn't see a thing :(!! And then had to wait in queue for the next flight to take off! Reminded me of how cars in Kolkata keep edging each other out while getting into a single lane road!
Most interesting thing though was when I noticed two air crafts flying underneath our aircraft (in this flight I had window seat)! The tiny specs of blinking light heading huge smoky trails that stay hanging in thin air!! I was kicking myself for not getting a picture of that!
Norway seems to be a nice place (though I've barely been here for 3 hours :P). Most importantly, I figure I can survive the cold :D.


prajna said...

London Airport sucks .. but thank ur lucky stars that u didnt travel Air India .. they 1st make u miss flights n then schedule u on others that dont have any seats left for u .. so effectively u land up being stranded ... n wen u try to go looking for them they r nowhere on the spot !! :(

I do sympathasize with you that they actually starved u on the flight ... !!! Give me their names n i will sue them :D

kray said...

:)) Boss, you seem to have seen a fair bit of pain in the hands of London air traffic control and Air India!!