Monday, 14 November 2005

Back to reality

It's been three days since I got back to Asker from Kristiansund. And I cannot find a way of putting down in words the pure exhilaration of those five intensely busy days. What shall I say? The days were tiring, yes. Cold, intensely. The rain gave us company on many an ocassion. And whenever it did, a perfect double rainbow accompanied it! I don't know which got to me more, the joy of driving a boat through the driving rain, or the picutre-postcard like town laid out on the various islands that make up Kristian-sund: the Straights of King Kristian.
In particular of course the most fun I had personally was the guided tour that Dag, our Norwegian instructor (an absolute bear of a man with a sing-song accent and an air of complete indestructibility about him) gave us of the Fjord the first day we drove out the boat. That first time I drove very tentatively of course. I don't know how many of you would have driven a boat before, but let me tell you, if you think tons of experience with any other kind of vehicle would make it easier for you to drive a boat, you are in for a rude rude shock :D!!
With Dag. (I'm just there for scale :P)
Another day I particlarly enjoyed was the time Dag allowed us free reign of his beloved workboat! I won't remember it so much for the fact that I managed to make the boat go leaping across the water by swerving real hard at high speed, but because that's when I figured whoever said women were safe drivers needed some sense to be knocked into them!!

My crew on the small boats!

Today it was back to the grind of daily lectures. I had a rather hard time trying to stop my mind from wandering off, back to the clear blue water through which you could see the sandy bottom, the salty spray flying so fast that it made your face sting. To my short, eventful visit to paradise.

For more photographs from Kristiansund: Fjord-landet.


Akshi said...

I didn't get it. You swerved the boat, but women aren't safe drivers. Did I miss something?

kray said...

I swerved boat. Each of the three women who made up my crew managed to do much crazier things when they got to drive :|. That includes one of them knocking the boat around so hard that she almost fell overboard herself /:).

Does that clarify things somewhat?

Akshi said...

Oh ok. Actually I kind of figured later when I saw the pic of your fellow crew members.
I'm having my own adventures here with driving a car, still in one piece and keeping fingers crossed.

histrionix said...

@akshi - what are GRRMs? I just finished Life of Pi. liked it. Also saw DH 7. It can be safely said that things are hotting up.

kray said...

George R R Martins I'd presume. Isn't Life of Pi supposed to be scary?!! And what on earth is DH7? don't tell me Desperate Housewives has already gone through that many seasons!!!! Found DVD's of the first season in 3 different stores in Asker :P.

ps. Comment pages on my blog seem to have become a nice posting board :D. Well, I'm not complaining. Missing crazylilthing though. Neone know what's up with her?

histrionix said...

general knowledge - Desperate Housewives is in its second season. DH 7 was the seventh episode of the abovementioned season. As of now, it can definitely be said to have started hotting up! akshi are you watching it?

I suspect clt is missing her better half and is pining away and not checking your blog?

I just finished one paper. One more to go and then CAT and then wedding in Cal and then presentation and then apping!

For those who miss hostel food, there is dahi wada in my mess today.

And Life of Pi is scary:)

histrionix said...

I just remembered...To celebrate Sup's birthday, wherever you all are, you HAVE to eat ice cream today! And since it is in Sup's honour, you have to dab a little on your chin:)Enjoy!

Akshi said...

Oh I haven't been watching DH. I get all weird channels on my cable network. Maybe I should go do some research and find out when and on what channel it comes. Quite curious abt the heat development histrionix is talking abt.
Yeah, and GRRMs are George R R Martin's fantasy books. Am a big fan. Where did you hear about them from? Howcome you read life of pi only now? Vanitha used to have a copy and Sup and I read it long time back. Its not really scary Kray, not the way it is written, but yeah it can psyche you out.

histrionix said...

@ akshi - I read about them on your blog profile (yes I am very jobless) In the past I used to kill time during exams with you ppl I have all that time to myself so I aimlessly surf. I wonder if there are any GRRMs in that pile in my room.

Akshi said...

No there aren't any in the pile I left. I just own the first book of the series and it is in Kota. The rest I borrowed and read. The latest is coming out sometime soon. Am looking forward to reading that.

kray said...

@ Akshi: ahh well, I'm getting psyched out enuf currently by City of Joy.
@ Histrionix: SOD's got the whole bunch, ask him if u r desperate. Agree with Akshi, GRRM's really cool fantasy!

crazylilthing said...

hello hello ..
i am back ... n no histrionix wasnt busy missing my better half ... infact i think my profs r making sure that i dont have time to miss him at all:(

kray ... the rainbows r beautiful.!!! n akshi did u figure out which channel do we have DH ??