Sunday, 20 November 2005

Lazy days

Life seems to have slowed down. Days are beginning to sort of melt into each other. And I rather suddenly realised that the week was over this Friday evening. Dropped plans of going to Oslo yesterday and instead stayed in for a movie marathon.
Of the six, two deserved special mention, I thought. One was the slightly nerve-wracking drug trafficking drama, Layer Cake. This movie is one of the few I have seen with to-be Bond Daniel Craig. And one rather interesting thing about the movie is that in all of two hours you never get to know Craig's screen name. And if, like me, you have too much time on your hands and easy net access, a quick search on IMDB will lead you to the entry: Daniel Craig ....... XXXX. Throughout the movie you come across lots of interesting characters. Mostly given to crazy, highly suspect, but refreshing bits of advice, about life in general and drug trafficking in particular. All in all, a couple of hours well spent :D.
The other is this recently released movie called Duma. It's about a cheetah cub that finds it's way into the care of a little kid. Now unlike most other movies that I have seen with a similar theme, Duma refuses to dwell on the details of how the boy and cub grow up and grow close. Instead, the story skips ahead to how Xan embarks upon a journey to return Duma to the wild. It's a heart warming story to say the least. And the cinematography is truly breathtaking, in a wild kind of way.
Hmm, so I'm sitting in Norway, an hour's walk away from the southern fjords, with nothing better to write about than movies. God I'm bored! The cold might have something to do with it... Stay out in the open for too long and your mind begins to grow numb. Of course it's not too cold yet. But today I saw the dew on the grass frozen into tiny spicules, sparkling in the oblique rays of the sun. Cracks on the pavement shone with trecherous ice. Serves as a reminder that snow is not too far off. Then it'll get cold in earnest. Brrrr.


kray said...

Did I or didn't I say that it'll snow?!! Woke up to see everything covered in a layer of white! :D

Akshi said...

"Life seems to have slowed down. Days are beginning to sort of melt into each other. "

Hehe. You sound like a character in some film noir film.

crazylilthing said...

beautiful sky .... btw life is always slow if u dont really put some action to speed it up

kray said...

It's called lethargy as someone pointed out to me last night :P.