Friday, 16 December 2005

Open book...

I'm giving a test. Right now. It's open book, open notes, open net... And it's a practical. I'm working at a bloody XEON workstation, but it's still taking ages to run the jobs I've submitted. Not surprising really, given the huge volume of data I'm shoving down the processor's throat. Processing GBs of data every second seems to be a necessity instead of a luxury. And I thought the Pentium 4 HT was cool /:).
HA! One job's finished \:D/, now to submit another. Then more time-pass.....
-- some hours later --
It's finally over. Hopefully my last day in the Oslo office for some time. I have another twelve hours before my flight. I went to see off yet another one of my friends, it was still daylight then, at 2 pm. By the time I got back, the sun was long gone. What it left behind was a golden twilight.


I wonder why some people like walking alone. To aviod intrusions into their thoughts? 'Cos they like nature more than other human beings maybe? Is it that they are afraid of getting used to company, and it'll feel really bad to lose it? (The 'if you have nothing then you have nothing to lose' policy.) Or is it merely because noone else wants to walk with them? Hmm. Some food for thought while I prepare to put yet another nightout before an early morning flight.

The last time I did that,... :) ah, now that was one of those days when I sincerely thanked God for the wonder that is Yahoo! Messenger :D.


Hemamalini said...

blogging while writing test? TOO MUCH:D
on second thoughts, why didnt i think of that;)

Akshi said...

Did somebody refuse your company for a walk? So how did test go?

Souvik said...

sala er modhyei school shesh!! how lucky u guys r!! mine till jan!! :( Floyd mone porche ... "how i wish ..." so many things!! :)

kray said...

@Hema: cos u've never had that boring a test /:)
@Akshi: I passed \:D/ I passed \:D/
@Souvik: Boss, amader moto jodi toder schooleo baash dichhe, then I really feel sorry for u :P

crazylilthing said...

kray .. u didnt answer akshi's 1st Q
btw i think u will be able to make it to the reading of SBs new book now , tai na ??

kray said...

aaha, nono, no one refused.. I didn't ask anyone :P
PS. I'm HOME!!!!! \:D/