Tuesday, 13 December 2005

Wake Up!!

That's something I always find extremely difficult to do :(. Especially when I'm up against a deadline! My 'late for' list got another entry this morning when I was woken up by a friend after the morning bus to office had arrived and I still hadn't showed up at the lobby. And this wasn't the first time.
Good thing is, I always manage to find people who do wake me up (barely on time). On board the Trident (my ship) the steward in charge of cleaning my room eventually made it a point to land up to clean my room at 1150 instead of 1200. Just to make sure I was up in time for my midday shift :D. The height of course was when I missed half of an end-semester exam in college. A wingie was kind enough to drop me off to the department, but I was so psyched out that I wasted another half hour sitting at the table. (My hand was shaking too much for me to be able to write :P.) Yes yes, I passed. The next day I had my cellphone ringing, my comp blaring and batchmates screaming from the adjascent wing well in time for the paper :). I miss campus. And my batchmates :-<.

EP '01 @ IITB


samudrika said...

You are from IIT? I just finished 'Five Point Someone' today. This may be off-topic but is life at IIT really like that?

kray said...

I'm from IITB, the book is about IITD. Also, I haven't read the book myself, but from highlights that have heard from ppl, I do think Bhagat got a little carried away :D. But u shud really ask someone who's read the book.

Golu said...

kray amazzzzzzzzzzzing pic man :) kudos to ur batch to take such a pic :)

kray said...

Thanx :). The pic was taken at TIFR btw :D.