Saturday, 10 December 2005


So, remember me saying that I wanted to buy the sequel to The Simoqin Prophecies?!! And crazylilthing wasn't kidding when she said she knew Samit Basu personally! The details are as follows:
visit for info on the new book and more
visit for The Manticore's Secret page at Penguin Books India.
And this means I can buy it when I get back home for my break later this month :D!


histrionix said...

You are posting too fast for people's comments to keep up. When is the sequel coming out? Is it out yet? I have forgotten the Simoquin prophecies...need to revise :D

kray said...

Supposed to be out in December. ie this month! And reading in Oxford, Park St. is supposed to happen arnd 20th, so I should definitely get a copy between then and New Yr.

crazylilthing said...

yes its on the 20th i think ... n Kray why wud I be kidding abt knowing Samit Basu haan ???