Monday, 16 January 2006

Let's party!!

Unfortunately, when it's with lots of people, most of whom you don't know, it can be distinctly less than fun :(. What makes it worse is, everyone seems to know you. I absolutely hate it when a complete stranger (until someone explains it's your mum's friend's someone's someone) comes up and says 'I've heard so much about you!!' And that's it. Till eventually you are left wondering what exactly is it that they've heard about you!

Partying all night with a bunch of ex-classmates, most of whom I hadn't met in years!! Now that was fun! It surprised me though, how in certain ways we seemed to have not changed at all in the intervening 4 - 5 years! Of course some things change... thankfully, not everything :).

Feeling: tranquil
Listening to: Dido - White flag
Quote of the day: Darkness is: Death's ignorance, and the Devil's time >:)!!

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