Wednesday, 4 January 2006

Old faithful

It's served me unfailingly for the last two and a half years. It has put up with the torturous task of being my trusty alarm, my infallible reminder storage, my tp mate in boring lectures. My battered, scratched, dented old Nokia 3315. :-<.
Its unfortunate habit of conking off and leaving me hanging in mid conversation finally led to it's eventual retirement yesterday.

The thing I'll miss the most is my painstakingly created signature screensaver! Drawn pixel by pixel before one midsemester exam, (I was reduced to a pathetically hopeless state, trying to make sense out of the interminable series of equations going by the name of Electro Magnetic Theory I :( ) it was a thing of some pride for me. Not to mention a testimony to the depths of pointless activity a frustrated man can sink to :P.


samudrika said...

Look at the bright side. Now, you can get a nice new state-of-the-art camera phone with polyphonic ringtones.

kray said...

I did :D!! And it also has FM radio!! Almost ran the battery dead listening to Radio Mirchi last night :P.

But there's the thing called senti value.

crazylilthing said...

god .. i know abt that course , hated it to the core of my heart,
waise i totally agree with the senti value