Wednesday, 11 January 2006


I was a little scared for a bit there, looking for The Manticore's Secret in Oxford Books, Park Street and not finding it! Thankfully it wasn't sold out, I got one of the two remaining copies \:D/!!

That was the high point of the day. Errors and omissions, misunderstandings and pure stupidity... these and more, conspired to make the better part of my day a little preview into purgatory. But there's nothing like catching up with a very old friend to help unwind tightly strung nerves :). No nosey girlfriend (no offense meant, and not to generalise please), no 'issues' to avoid 'cos of that other chap lurking at the edge of the conversation, no awkward silences, for once you can talk about everything.

Hanging on in the metro in rush hour. Not like the infamous Mumbai local, but close. Snippets of conversations. Pigeons are congregating at Maidan with the ulterior motive of taking over the administration of Kolkata... Tax restructuring... What King Kong was most likely to go for if he landed in Diamond Harbour... 'Why didn't you ask me out earlier?!! Now I have to go get bored watching 15, Park Avenue with Maa!"... And some minds wrapped within their own thoughts. Some with their eyes closed. A little bit of rest while the city rages in it's familiar madness above the ground.

"Last and terminal station DumDum. Passengers are requested to vacate the compartments of the train."

Feeling: tired
Listening to: Coldplay - Square One


roswitha said...

Mmm, I always mean to go to Kolkata some day. This sounds like a place I'd like very much. :)

histrionix said... much experience have you had with nosey girlfriends in the past?

kray said...

@ Roswitha: U like crazy busy noisy polluted cities? It does grow on you tho.

@ Histrionix: Too many, never mine. Thankfully.

Akshi said...

The only likable cities are crazy, busy, noisy polluted ones. Thats what makes them fun.

kray said...

:) But small ones are also fun!!!

crazylilthing said...

not tallahassee.. its sleepy .. theres nuthing much too do apart from work n the Malls ... ask akshi .. she will tell u :)